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A response as a Schoenstatt Family

and as a Church in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

With Jesus and Mary Queen we go out to meet our brothers and sisters

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Conclusión/Conclusion #CORONAmater

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With the confidence of children we gave Mary a crown. And what is her response to it?

That we take his Crown to the World.
Being her Instruments.
To continue the Mission that her Son Jesus taught us:
In everything to love and serve

With Mary Queen and Jesus we go to the encounter of our brothers and sisters.

Blessed Mother, #yourcrownourmission

"Prayer works like this: Pray for our brothers and sisters, and then help them. That's how prayer works."
-Pope Francis

With Jesus and Mary Queen we go out to meet our brothers and sisters

The initiative consists in raising funds for organizations working in the social field, which need special assistance during the current global health situation.

In the poorest areas there are projects where Schoenstatt and the Church, laity, Sisters and Fathers, risk their lives to serve our brothers and sisters. After having crowned the Blessed Mother internationally as Queen of Physical and Spiritual Health, it is necessary to take Our Queen and her Son to our brothers and sisters who suffer and to those who give themselves heroically from the front.

Economic contribution

Updated once a day

Goal: $ 10,000

Glass Buildings

Other ways to donate:

Schoenstatt and Church projects around the world that need your help.


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