Solidarity Contribution

With childlike confidence we gave Mary a crown. And what is her response to it?

That we bring her crown to the world. 
Being her instruments.
To continue the Mission that her Son Jesus taught us: to love and to serve in all things.

With Jesus and Mary Queen we go to the encounter of our brothers and sisters.
Blessed Mother,

Economic contribution

Glass Buildings

Other ways to donate:


Schoenstatt and Church projects around the world that need your help.

“Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink?”

“Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of the least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

MATTHEW 25: 31-46

Mother, your crown is my mission when I share my bread

Mother, your crown is my mission when I comfort the poor

Mother, your crown is my mission when I offer my time

Mother, your crown is my mission when I take you to others
Mother, your crown is my mission when I help the those who have less

Mother, your crown is my mission when I make masks for hospitals

Mother, your crown is my mission when I go shopping for those who can't

Mother, your crown is my mission when I call people who are alone

Mother, your crown is my mission when I let myself be used by you as an Instrument

With Jesus and Mary Queen we go out to meet our brothers and sisters

The initiative consists in raising funds for organizations working in the social field, which need special assistance during the current global health situation.

In the poorest areas there are projects where Schoenstatt and the Church, laity, Sisters and Fathers, risk their lives to serve our brothers and sisters. After having crowned the Blessed Mother internationally as Queen of Physical and Spiritual Health, it is necessary to take Our Queen and her Son to our brothers and sisters who suffer and to those who give themselves heroically from the front.

Contribution to the Shrine

If you want to economically contribute to your Shrine, you can contact the Fathers and Sisters of your community to make a donation.

Other Contributions

In addition to a financial contribution, there are other ways to help. You can make masks for hospitals, call people who feel lonely, offer your time to those who need it most.


Social Projects


    ARGENTINA - Casa del Niño Padre José Kentenich


    ARGENTINA - Dale tu Mano


    BOLIVIA - Fundación

    Arco Iris

  • BRASIL - Centro de Referência Familiar Recanto do Sol - CEFASOL

  • BRASIL: Trabalho Social CEFAF: Centro de formação e assistência a Família 


    BURUNDI – Mariya Arafasha – María Ayuda

  • Annotation 2020-09-05 133659.png


    BURUNDI – Schoenstatt Fathers



    CHILE: María Ayuda



    CHILE - Fundación Arde

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    COLOMBIA - Proyecto del Mov. de Schoenstatt Cali


    ECUADOR - Fundación Niños de María


    ECUADOR - Fundación Compartir


    ESPAÑA - María Ayuda


    INDIA - Jeevalaya Social Service Centre


    INDIA - Sunrise Children’s Village


    PARAGUAY - Fundación Dequení


    PARAGUAY - Casa Madre de Tuparendá

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    REP. DOM. - Proyectos Externos del Centro de Nutrición Niño Jesús




Do you know of a Schoenstatt project that is not included?

We will try to include it in the list of organizations.


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