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Schoenstatt Fathers in Burundi

The Secular Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers is a community of priests of pontifical right. It was founded by Father Joseph Kentenich on July 18, 1965.


Our community's commitment to Burundi dates back to 1974. At that time, the Swiss province had committed itself with great enthusiasm to the foundation of the community in the country and to its social projection, contributing very generously by sending priests and financially.


During all these years we have experienced in Burundi a great spiritual fruitfulness of priestly vocations. In 1996 we had the joy of starting the first novitiate of our community on Burundian soil. Today, after 24 years since that milestone, we are happy because we see that - from the educational effort of all these years - 16 brothers have already been ordained priests, and 2 have been ordained deacons.


We are also happy to have today 32 young men in formation on their way to the priesthood. This is how we look with joy at this vocational development.


But unfortunately today the Swiss province no longer finds it possible to support the community of the Fathers in Burundi financially.


Therefore, we appeal to the generosity of the Schoenstatters in the world who wish to co-operate with the formation of our seminarians. It is wonderful to have so many vocations, but we need to maintain them, to sustain them, and to help them grow in holiness, so that the Blessed Mother will take them as a seed of a profound transformation in Africa, and surely beyond.


Possibly a Burundian Schoenstatt Father will be celebrating a Mass in your Shrine some day.


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Bank account of the Schoenstatt Fathers in Switzerland / Burundi


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